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The Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University and the Smolensk State medical academy concluded the scientific agreement.

In statistics of medical care, there is an area where the very interesting phenomenon is advancing.

In Russia , average life is decreasing from the beginning of the 90s every year.


This is a very interesting phenomenon which does not have a case of a history top in the West in the Age without war.

Although various causes can be considered, there are statistics said that about 55% in the total population dies from a cardiovascular event.

Moreover, the factor to which medication is restricted by the problem on economy is also large.

Also in this country, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, obstructive arteriosclerosis, etc. are increasing with change of eating habits of Japan .

Generating of these cardiovascular events not only restricts a life prognosis, but has barred elderly people's QOL greatly.

Furthermore, an economical problem is important.

Reduction of the population by aging serves as a factor, and an economic reduction advances.

An economic breakdown hits the medicine, directly.

The voice from the patient of "since medicine is expensive ..." is beginning to embarrass a doctor even in Japan .

With the new medicine with which the effect was confirmed by Mega Study, if the patient cannot purchase economically, it cannot use, either.

This economic problem is a phenomenon which is advancing in Russia now, and is the reality in which coming in Japan from now on is predicted.

Then, it resulted in the way of thinking of arteriosclerosis research of Japan-Russia collaboration.


Smolensk is about 300km leading city of the west in Moscow .

The Smolensk State medical academies are the only doctor training institution in the west side area in Russia , and a medicine research organization.

It is the capital of the Smolensk grand duchy which contended for the championship with Muscovy which is the past of Russia in ancient times.

Smolensk is a typical area in the present condition of Russia .

The rate for which the cardiovascular event in the total death accounts exceeds 59%, and the most is an ischemic heart disease.

It can be said to be the area in the insurance medical field interesting for Japan which greets a high aging society.

An Institute of Development , Aging and Cancer and the Smolensk State medical academy are scheduled to conclude a scientific agreement for joint research.


The signing ceremony of a scientific agreement was celebrated in the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer large conference room on July 18, 2003.

Professor Victor A Milyagin the vice president of the Smolensk State medical academy visited Japan and signature was performed with professor Masuo Obinata, president of an Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer.

Backup of IDAC symposium and the 21st century COE biotechnology nanotechnology base future Biomedical Engineering was obtained after the signing ceremony, Japan-Russia common international Biomedical-Engineering symposium was held, and active discussion was performed.

Furthermore, the hospital doctor of the 1st line in Sendai-shi, the medical practitioner, etc. were assembled, the 1st northeast pulse wave information scientific meeting was held, and the lecture was performed about the present condition of the arteriosclerosis of Russia on the following day, the 19th.

In Russia , it is especially a main death factor, and an increase puts a focus on a remarkable arteriosclerosis nature disease, and has already started preliminary study of joint research even in Japan recently.

Although various parameters are applied in arteriosclerosis, very simple measurement is realized only by rolling Cuff for blood-pressure measurement, and the simple measuring device of the Pulse wave velocity developed recently is beginning to spread through the actual medical doctor from a medical practitioner to a hospital quickly.

The simple methodology which is reproducible in international joint research is indispensable to data collection.

Then, research was started from small-scale preliminary research.

Consequently, it turned out that the styles of the arteriosclerosis progress accompanying the Aging in both countries differ.

In connection with an Aging, a Pulse wave velocity is increasing even in Japan or Russia so that it may show a figure.

As compared with an age exception, a Pulse wave velocity begins to become large significantly rather than Japanese people by the people from Russia by his 40's. This tendency is expanded to his 50's.


That is, the people from Russia have early progress of arteriosclerosis as compared with Japanese people.

If straight line regression is performed, a still more interesting phenomenon will also be suggested.

That is, if a Japanese or the people from Russia also performs straight line recursion, a zero axis intercept is mostly in agreement.

This shows the fact whose Pulse wave velocity corresponds also for the people from Japanese people and Russia at the time of birth.

When this is born, also in people from Japanese people and Russia , there is no difference.

However, the phenomenon which the difference of both races opens along with growth is shown.

Thus, the interesting phenomenon is observed in the Pulse wave velocity.


So, television clew was interested in our research and they came Japan to see our joint research.

A photograph showed TVC clew.

We are future still broader fields and think to contribute to development of the Aging medicine in both countries.

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