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Visit to Smolensk state medical academy


We have carried out the visit of the Smolensk State medical academy.

The scientific agreement of the Tohoku University Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer and the Smolensk State medical academy (SSMA) was concluded on July 18, 2003. For the agreement, a Victor A. Milyagin: vice president, a Nicolai A Farmashouk, vice president, Assistant professor Yuri A Kovalev, etc. visited Japan from SSMA.


For the response, Professor Shin-ichi Nitta, Associate professor Tomoyuki Yambe, the Dr. Yasuyuki Shiraishi, Postdorctor Fellowship, and the Wang Quintian, COE special research worker have visited SSMA from the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer on August 29, 2003 this time.

Smolensk is the ancient city of the Smolensk grand duchy in a position like about 300km West of Moscow, and the midpoint of Europe and Moscow.

SSMA is the only doctor training organization of the west in Moscow, and a medicine research organization.

Although we visited the president room first, there was a greeting of a welcome from Professor Plesikov, a president, and there was introduction of the history of SSMA and tradition.


He said that some faculties and research institutes are held to about 3000 students who came from about 20 nations in the big medical college where about 440 instructors are on the register.

Then, there is information interchange of each other university and it moved to the luncheon of a welcome.

Even so, it was surprised at the offensive of beer! vodka! Wine! from daytime.


Since after lunch, became a Japan-Russia common arteriosclerosis science council, the proposal of Japan-Russia common Biomedical-Engineering research etc. was performed by the Professor Milyagin.

Dr.Yambe, performed special lecture concerning the progress of the arteriosclerosis research in SSMA, and the Tohoku University, and recent progress in BioNanotechnology? in Tohoku University.


We also have sightseeing guidance arranged by the kindness of SSMA. We are very busy schedule because we have only two days in Smolensk, so we want you to visit more slowly next time. It is regrettable that the schedule in Russia was limited in the relation of the schedule of an international rotary blood pump society and the Europe artificial organ society.


Although the welcome party was held as well as the evening, this was tired from having continued by continuation of a toast from 7:00 to 12:00 for Japanese participants. Although it may be the customs of Russia, if the greeting of someone's welcome is carried out, a toast will be repeated for a long time by the touch called toast. Although we had vodka pardoned truly, it will become a serious thing if vodka is formally opened now for every one greeting.

We were glad to have had their welcome. However, by Japanese metabolism capacity, it cannot catch up at all.

It is saying in a president's talk, "Three liver is required although the brain of a president's work is good at one." .

Since the welcome was too glad, we want to deepen friendship increasingly from now on.

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