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  • helical flow TAHと、commercial available pumpによる TAH - (matched in keyword)(matched in keyword)
  • 論文・出版リスト - 山家先生分 - [# Yambe T, Fukutome A, Kobayashi S, Nanka S, Yoshizawa M, Tabayashi K, Takeda H, Nitta S. Development of total artificial heart with economical and durability advantages. Int J Artif Organs. 21(5):279-84. 1998][# Yambe T, Nitta S, Katahira Y, Sonobe T, Naganuma S, Akiho H, Hayashi H, Tanaka M, Miura M, Sato N, Mohri H, Yoshizawa M, and Takeda H: Postganglionic sympathetic nerve activity with correlation to heart rhythm during left ventricular assistance. Artif Organs15: 212-7. 1991]
  • Making of the feedback loop in circulation by an artificial heart system - [The most important results of the study was that Artificial baroreflex system were embodied by these basic TAH automatic control algorithm having optimal TAH drive and left - right balances and keep hemodynamic parameters within normal range and at last, 1/R control were added to these basic concept. Maintain the optimal TAH drive were of course important to prevent thrombus formation and endurance of the inner sac. Left and right heart balances were of course important to keep peripheral and pulmonary circulation and prevent the pulmonary congestion. And basic hemodynamic parameters were of course needed to keep peripheral circulation and blood supply for each organs. And as last Baroreflex system were of course important , too, to keep homeostasis in a patient with artificial heart. In this study these stepwise automatic control were embodied.](matched in title)
  • Sympathetic nerve discharges during artificial heart circulation - [For left artificial heart (LAH) implantation, a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) out-flow cannula with a T-shaped pipe was inserted into the descending aorta and secured by ligature. A PVC inflow cannula was inserted into the left atrium through the left atrial appendage. Both cannulae were connected to our TH-7B pneumatically driven sac-type blood pump via the built-in valve connectors. A PVC outflow cannula was inserted into the pulmonary artery, and a PVC inflow cannula was inserted into the right atrium through the right atrial appendage. Both cannulae were then connected to the right pump. The TH-7B pneumatically driven sac-type blood pump was used in these experiments to constitute a BVB-type complete artificial circulation model. Driving pressure and systolic duration of both blood pumps were selected to maintain hemodynamic derivatives within the normal range, and pump output was controlled to maintain the cardiac output before the electrical ventricular fibrillation. After BVB pump implantation, the left flank was opened, and the left renal artery was then exposed [7,8]. After the left renal sympathetic nerves were separated, the nerve sheath was removed, and the nerve was placed on bipolar stainless-steel electrodes for recording of renal sympathetic nerve activity (RSNA) [7,8]. The renal sympathetic nerve discharges were amplified by means of a preamplifier and main amplifier (DPA-21 , DPA-100E; DIA Medical System Co.) with a bandwidth of 30 Hz-3 k HZ and were displayed on an oscilloscope. Time series data of hemodynamic parameters and sympathetic nerve activity were recorded with an ink-jet recorder and in magnetic tape after the stabilization of all hemodynamic derivatives (almost 20-30 min after the preparation). After the control data recording, ventricular fibrillation was induced electrically. Confirming the stabilization of the hemodynamics with stable BVAD drive condition, time series data were recorded.](matched in title)
  • Future planning - [* In the stage of chronic animal experiments and endurance test.][Conferences for Assisted Circulation and Artificial Heart in Shiroishi-Zao Janually]
  • Pneumatic driven Total Artificial Heart - [With silastic ball valve, superior endurance may be achieved. This TAH is now in the stage of fitting study to the goat's chest cavity.](matched in title)
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