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  1. Invited Lecture for1st International Symposium for Pulse Diagnosis in Shang- Hai "Non-linear mathematical analysis of the Pulse diagnosis" Aug.13, 1993.
  2. Invited lecture for IIAS International workshop on orders and structures in complex systems "Artificial heart and complex systems" July 29,1997.
  3. Invited lecture for the Sixth International Display Workshops“ Autonomic function during Virtual Reality immersion”Dec.1 1999.
  4. Invited lecture for the Interim report meeting for external evaluation of the Project: The comprehensive basic research on the development of Japanese original implantable total artificial heart"Development of the Vibrating flow pump & automatic control algorithm for an artificial heart by the use of Chaos theory" March13, 2000
  5. Invited lecture for 2nd Japan-Russia cooperative Scientific Conference of Astherosclerosis“Biomedical engineering cooperative research of Russia and Japan”Aug.29, 2003.
  6. Invited Lecture for the Artificial Organ Laboratory in Baylor Collage“Artificial Organ Research in 21st COE in Tohoku University”Jan.30,2004
  7. Invited lecture of the New England Complex Dynamics Institute “Complex dynamics in Artificial Organs”Feb 3, 2004
  8. Invited lecture of the first International Symposium on Intelligent Artifacts and Bio-systems: “Development of the artificial organs with shape memory alloy actuators.” Feb.25, 2004.
  9. Invited Lecture of 3rd Five Continent International Symposium on Cardiovascular Diseases “BioNanoMedical? Engineering Research in 21 COE program of Tohoku University April 17, 2004.
  10. Special lecture of 3rd Internetional Symposium on Organ Replacement “21COE Bioengineering program in Tohoku University”July 30, 2004
  11. Invited Lecture for 2005 Asian Pacific International Symposium 0f Thermology“Alternative magnetic stimulation for the regenerative medicine”June 25, 2005
  12. Invited lecture of theInternational Symposium for Korean Artificial Organ Center“Nano Technology for artificial internal organs”July 8,2005.
  13. Invited lecture of International Symposium for 7th Annual meeting , Society of Evolutional Studies, Japan“Why is the heart beating?”Aug.27, 2005
  14. Technical lecture of 8th Japanese Polish Seminar on New Engineering methods supporting Human life“Artificial Internal Organs with Nano technology”Sept.6, 2005
  15. Special lecture 3rd World congress on Biomimetics, artificial muscle & Nano-bio“Artificial Internal Organs by the use of artificial muscle and nano technology”May 27, 2006.
  16. Special lecture for Czecho Honorable Medal for Artificial Heart Research“Nanotechnology for artificial internal organ research”Sept.2, 2006
  17. Invited lecture for 1st Round table discussion of New frontiers in Biomedical Engineering“International cooperative study of atherosclerosis and baroreflex – learned from total artificial control Sept. 4, 2007
  18. Invited lecture for International Satellite symposium of Moscow health care 2007 “International cooperative study of atherosclerosis and Cardio Ankle Vascular Index Dec. 4, 2007
  19. Invited lecture for International symposium of Julin University and Tohoku University“Japan-China International cooperative study of atherosclerosis and baroreflex Jan 15, 2008
  20. Invited lecture for International symposium of Beizing University and Tohoku University“International cooperative study of Cardio Ankle Vascular Index Jan 17, 2008
  21. Invited lecture for 5th Brno-Sendai Symposium for Biomedical Engineering“Motorcar which can control autonomic nervous system”Brno, Sept 8, 2008
  22. Invited lecture of 7th International Symposium on Nano-Biomedical Engineering“Pulse diagnosis machine" Oct 17, 2008
  23. Invited lecture 7th International Symposium in Brno-Sendai Biomedical Engineering, Brno, Sept 7, 2009
  24. Invited lecture for 11th International Congress of IUPESM (International Union for Physical and Engineering Science in Medicine), Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, World Congress 2009, Munch, Sept.11, 2009
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